Proyectos (2)

YEAR 2015


MIST (Modelling Innovation Sustainability and Technologies) Conference 2015 (Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal)

Conference in which GITICE Research Group collaborates in the organization, along with all its scientific journals.

MIST Conferences aim at establishing an annual international event to increase awareness in the context of the new trends of change at the regional and global level.

The first edition of MIST was focused on several key areas of sustainable economics, tourism, innovation and technologies. The major topics of interest at MIST included:

1. Innovation Economics and Policy Perspectives

2. Environmental, Energetic and Economic Sustainability

3. Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

4. Advanced Tourism Economics

5. Management Information Systems






United Academic Journals (UA Journals). Publisher of scientific journals


United Academic Journals (UA Journals) is a publisher of scientific journals created by the research group GITICE.

UA Journals is dedicated to spreading the latest research from around the world in a wide range of academic fields, and all with free access, and Creative Commons license. Aiming thus become a knowledge center, where researchers can publish their latest developments in the world of research with proper promotion to reach all countries.






YEAR 2014


II International Conference on Software Engineering for Big Companies (Huelva, Spain)

Conference Organized by the company 'SteelMood' and GITICE, to seeking alternative solutions to Big Companies in Software Engineering.

For this problem, this conference has top international scholars who have demonstrated their ability to implement solutions to these problems, and responsible for this area Enterprise. Pretending identify with this exchange of ideas, points of real concern to companies in the area of Software Engineering, and the solutions to them through a software quality, stable, reliable, secure and high added value, which allowing companies to improve their services and their production processes. Investigating both the requirements and implementations and subsequent maintenance of these Software solutions.








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