December 03, 2020

Afternoon: 16:00-19:15 h. (Hours Spain: Madrid)


16:00-16:30. Open Ceremony.

16:30-17:15h. Plenary Conference.

Keynote: Pr. Radouane Mrabet. President of the University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah of Fez
Conference: Digital strategy of the Moroccan higher education post-covid era.

17:20-18:15h. Round Table Track 1. "New educational scenarios due to COVID-19".

You can watch the videos of this track at any time at the following link:

Chairs: María José Rodríguez-Conde, Francisco José García-Peñalvo

· 1 Carlos Morales. Leading the Educational Response During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Perspective from an Online Campus
· 5 Francisco José García-Peñalvo, Ricardo Rivero-Ortega, María José Rodríguez-Conde and Nicolás Rodríguez-García. The institutional decisions to support remote learning and teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic
· 10 Daniela Salgado Gutiérrez, Andrés Saúl de la Serna Tuya, Ana Fabiola Mora López, Julian Ochoa García and Ligia García Bejar. Instructional Design for virtual courses for university teachers affected by COVID-19
· 11 Andres Saul De La Serna Tuya, Daniela Salgado Gutiérrez, Julián Ochoa García, Ana Fabiola Mora López and Ligia Garcia Bejar. Digital Tools for virtual courses for university teachers affected by COVID-19
· 13 Carmen Burgos, Wilson Castillo-Rojas and Carla Palma Flores. Perception of Chilean University Professors on the Impact of the Didactic Operation in the COVID-19 Context
· 16 Adriana Margarita Pacheco Cortés and Daniel Montes Ponce. Teachers’ Opinions on a Teaching-Learning Models During the Covid-19’s Pandemic
· 20 Alba García-Dorta and Carina Gonzalez-González. Educational emergence answer to COVID-19: a case of study on families
· 25 Karina Cotero, Liza Rodriguez and Armando Aguilar. Appropriation of skills in students who migrated from traditional education model to an online education model, derivated from COVID-19
· 28 Guadalupe Maribel Hernandez-Muñoz. Collaborative Learning: From Face-to-face to the Virtual Classroom in the COVID-19 Era

18:20-19:15h. Round Table Track 2. "Quality and Innovation".

You can watch the videos of this track at any time at the following link:

Chairs: Alicia García-Holgado, Noura Aknin

3 Claudia Camacho. Educational video and its uses on You Tube.
4 Francisco José Ruiz Rey, Rafael Pérez Galán, Violeta Cebrián Robles and Manuel Cebrián de la Serna. The video guides and social tagging with the methodology of video annotations
8 Bertha Leticia Gonzalez Becerra and Manuel Pio Rosales Almendra. Measuring student motivation in a statistics course supported by podcast using Reduced Instructional Materials Motivation Survey (RIMMS)
9 Silvia Lerma Partida. The importance of Internal and External Evaluation in Health Science Distance Education Postgraduate Studies Master of Science in Adolescent Health University Center of Health Sciences, University of Guadalajara, Mexico.
14 Claudia Blanca González Calleros, Alfredo García Suárez, Josefina Guerrero García, Juan Manuel González Calleros, Yadira Navarro Rangel and Amparo Dora Palomino Merino. Toward Improving Attention Levels in Mathematics learning with Serious Games
19 Karim Aoulad Abdelouarit, Boubker Sbihi and Noura Aknin. How Big Data Phenomenon Impact and Improve the e-Learning Process
21 Iván José Perez-Colado, Ivan Martinez-Ortiz, Manuel Freire, Wishnu Prasetya and Baltasar Fernandez-Manjon. Simplifying serious games and analytics deployment in a virtual campus using LTI and xAPI
22 Mohammed El Fouki, Noura Aknin and Kamal Eddine El Kadiri. A new parameter optimization strategy to improve students’ performances
27 Rey Luis Araujo Castillo and Xiomara Deysi Linares Zegarra. The tours in virtual museums a didactic opportunity in social sciences
31 Yoni Daniel Huaynacho Peñaloza and Abel Saul Huaynacho Peñaloza. Mobile application prototype and management of Laboratory Instruction in Engineering Education
34 Jose Luis Hernandez Ameca, Cinthya Karla Saldaña Escalona, Guillermina Sánchez Román and Carlos Armando Ríos Acevedo. Application of the Challenge-Based Learning Methodology, as a trigger for motivation and learning in robotics.


December 04, 2020

Afternoon: 16:30-19:35 h. (Hours Spain: Madrid)


16:30-17:15h. Round Table Track 3. “Experiences”.

You can watch the videos of this track at any time at the following link:

Chairs: Rubí Estela Morales Salas, Baltasar Fernandez-Manjon

2 Rubí Estela Morales Salas and Pedro René Rodríguez Pavón. Teach at the University. New challenges from the perception of teachers
6 Jesús López-Belmonte, Antonio-José Moreno-Guerrero, Santiago Pozo-Sánchez and Noemí Carmona-Serrano. Digital teaching competence in the development of the Blended Learning method. The case of Vocational Training
15 Alicia García-Holgado, Carina S. Gonzalez-González and Francisco José García-Peñalvo. Gender gap perceptions of computing students: a case study in two Spanish universities
17 Alfonso Infante-Moro, Juan C. Infante-Moro, Julia Gallardo-Pérez and Laura Salgado Ferreira. Motivational factors in the insertion of Cloud Computing in teaching
23 Iker Ros, Urtza Garay Ruiz, Ramón Ovelar, Mirari Ayerbe, Elena Diaz Ereño, Mikel Garmendia and Mikel Villamañe. Active methodologies and the use of technology at the UPV/EHU: proposal for the inclusion of technology for the development of active and cooperative methodologies in Higher Education
24 Juan Pablo De Castro, Susana Álvarez-Álvarez, Eduardo García-Ochoa, Montserrat Román Chacón, José Carlos Zarzuela Velasco and Alfredo Corell-Almuzara. Bootstrapping the Virtualization in a Face-to-Face University
26 Youssra Zahidi, Yacine El Younoussi and Yassine Al-Amrani. Arabic Sentiment Analysis Approaches: An Overview
32 Youssra Zahidi, Yacine El Younoussi and Yassine Al-Amrani. Arabic Sentiment Analysis Problems and Challenges
33 Maria Magdalena Montsserrat Contreras Turrubiartes, Iram Razziel Contreras Turrubiartes, Martin Guerrero Posadas and Jorge Amaro Reyes. Teaching Physics in higher education: use of information and communication technologies and digital resources
36 Lorenzo Moreno-Ruiz, Carina Gonzalez-González, Evelio González-González and Dagoberto Castellanos-Nieves. MOOC on Artificial Intelligence in Education: an experience on Miriadax platform
37 Alfonso Infante Moro, Francisco Jose Martinez Lopez, Juan Carlos Infante Moro, Mercedes Garcia Ordaz and Julia Gallardo Pérez. Telework, new business models and virtual campuses: a longitudinal analysis
39 Carlos Arturo Torres Gastelú, Luis Freddy Muñoz Zanabria and Joel Angulo Armenta. Attitude of Latin American Youth towards Online Security and Privacy

17:20-18:15h. Roundtable Track 4. “Engineering of e-learning and digital content”.

You can watch the videos of this track at any time at the following link:

Chairs: Carlos Arturo Torres Gastelú, Gerardo Borroto Carmona

7 Santiago Pozo-Sánchez, Jesús López-Belmonte, Antonio-José Moreno-Guerrero and Noemí Carmona-Serrano. Scientific Mapping of Flipped Learning and University Education in Web of Science Database
12 Andrés Saúl de la Serna Tuya and Evangelina Jasso Romero. The creation of digital content in University levels
18 Laura Salgado Ferreira, Alfonso Infante-Moro, Julia Gallardo-Pérez and Juan C. Infante-Moro. Continuous Training in Digital Skills, saving gaps between the needs and the training offer in the field of non-formal education for European Active Citizenship
29 Nassima Dhaiman, Abdelmoumen Kaabal, Nabil El Akchioui and Abderahim El Allati. Increasing data capacity using a circular array antenna for 5G applications
30 Yoni Daniel Huaynacho Peñaloza, Abel Saúl Huaynacho Peñaloza and Yaneth Chavez Rivera. Design and Implementation of a security system created by RF using controllers with sensors in EPIE
35 Fatima Ezzahraa El Habti, Mohamed Chrayah and Abdelhamed Bouzidi. The architecture of an e-learning ecosystem
40 Sandra Cano. Women Teaching Engineering via STEM in Latin America
41 Carina Gonzalez-González. A case of gamification in virtual environments with RV/RA

18:30-19:15h. Plenary Conference.

Keynote: Dr. Francisco García Peñalvo. Full professor Universidad de Salamanca
Conference: COVID-19 at the University, who said fear of educational technologies?

19:15-19:30h. Conclusions & Closing Ceremony.






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