Geo-Positioned Activity-Based Collaborative Educational Mobile Platform

Fernando López, Luis De La Fuente Valentín


Learning platforms aimed at the traditional content-based pedagogical model are at today settled down (e.g. SCORM (2004)). However, it is still unclear how to best support activity-based learning platforms for informal settings, especially in the case of mobile learning. This report describes the criteria that guided the construction of such a mobile platform for collaborative learning and the difficulties identified during its construction. The first difficulty occurs when the learning path is not predefined, because in this case the users have to find the right content for their learning. The second difficulty occurs when the educational content consists of activities that should be able to adapt to different learning scenarios. Finally, the third difficulty deals with how to geolocate and organize the educational items that users have to visit. These differences allowed us to find original and effective solutions, which are described here.

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