United Academic Journals

United Academic Journals (UA Journals) is a publisher of scientific journals created by the research group GITICE, Group for Research in Information Technology and Communications in Business.

Misión - Visión

UA Journals is dedicated to spreading the latest research from around the world in a wide range of academic fields, and all with free access, and Creative Commons license. Aiming thus become a knowledge center, where researchers can publish their latest developments in the world of research with proper promotion to reach all countries.

Open Access

Open Access is a publication model that enables the broadcasting of all articles published to the global community without limitation. Thus, they can be accessed by anyone with internet connection. UA Journals provides direct open access to its content in such a way that makes research articles freely available to the global community to ensure free and unlimited accessibility of the publication over the internet without any restrictions.



Grupo de Investigación GITICE, Universidad de Huelva. Campus de "La Merced". Plaza de la Merced, 11. CP: 21071 Huelva (Spain)

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