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2019    ----   Research and development of new technology

Editores:  Eugenia Erica Vera Cervantes y Olga Leticia Fuchs Gómez




SECTION 1 Research and Development of Technological Applications.


Proposal of a Tool for Usability Inspection in Web Applications

Gabriel Elías Chanchí G., Daniela Pérez Oliveros, Wilmar Yesid Campo Muñoz.


Expectation of ICT development in Mexico within the framework of Latin America

Adrián Sánchez, Agustin Lagunes, Carlos A. Torres, Juan C. Judikis, Francisco López.


Extracting and visualizing a new classification system for Colombia's National Administrative Department of Statistics. A visual analytics framework case study

Pierre Raimbaud, Jaime Camilo Espitia Castillo, John A. Guerra Gómez.


A Comparative Study on Self-Report Methods for User Satisfaction Evaluation

Andrés F. Aguirre, Ángela Villareal Freire, Jaime Díaz Arancibia, Rosa Gil, César A. Collazos.


Methodology for the Analysis of household appliance Consumption

Blanca Nydia Pérez Camacho, Juan Manuel González Calleros.


A Fuzzy-Based Groupware Usability Evaluation Methodology

Luz A. Sánchez Gálvez, Juan Manuel Fernández Luna, Mario Anzures García.


SECTION 2 Computational Linguistics.


A User-Defined Language for Full-Body Gesture-Based Interaction

David Céspedes Hernández, Juan Manuel González Calleros.


Discussion on Image Processing for Sign Language Recognition: An overview of the problem complexity

Soraia Silva Prietch, Ivan Olmos Pineda, Polianna dos Santos Paim, Juan Manuel Gonzalez Calleros, Josefina Guerrero García, Roger Resmini.


Nonverbal Communication Mediated through Haptic Technology: A Survey

Hector M. Camarillo Abad, J. Alfredo Sánchez, Oleg Starostenko.


SECTION 3 Educational Research.


Computer Science Students’ Profile: A comparison between students from Mexico and Colombia

Guillermina Sánchez Román, Josefina Guerrero García, Erika Anabel Martínez Mirón, Mariano Larios Gómez, Adriana Hernández Beristain, María Daniela Trinidad Meneses.


Conócete: Serious game for self-knowledge in the process of Vocational Guidance

Tatiana de Jesús Olvera Pablos, María Teresa Fernández Nistal, Sonia Verónica Mortis Lozoya, David Bonilla, Adriana Peña Pérez Negrón, Emmanuel Guardiola.


Automated tasks for the working memory training

Ismael Esquivel Gámez, Flora Lilia Barrios Martínez, Karina Estela Galvez Buenfil.


Construction-validation of an implement to measure the digital competence of a training teacher in the level of Telesecundaria

Anna Luz Acosta Aguilera, Rubén Edel Navarro, Yadira Navarro Rangel.


“A journey through mathematics”: A serious game used for learning mathematics with ADHD children

Claudia Blanca González Calleros, Josefina Guerrero García, Yadira Navarro Rangel.


Exploring Teenager's Motivations as Digital Natives to Enhance Peace Culture Workshops Adherence Using Gamification

Cristian Jurado, Mónica Llano, Edwin Gamboa, Yuri Bermúdez, Victor Valencia, Maria Trujillo.


ARTUI: An Augmented Reality-Based Application for English Teaching to Children between 10 and 12 years

Liliana Rodríguez Vizzuett, Josefina Guerrero García, Iván Olmos Pineda.


Technological strategy for searching and selecting sources of reliable information on the Internet

Mayra N. Márquez Specia, Josefina Guerrero García, Yadira Navarro Rangel.


Protocol for Creation of a Database: Data Capture for the Automatic Identification of Learning-Centered Emotions.

Yesenia N. González Meneses, Josefina Guerrero García.


The RASE model as a means of applying communicative language teaching principles online.

María de los Milagros Cruz Ramos, Juan Manuel González Calleros, Luz Edith Herrera Díaz.


An Architectural Model for Collaborative Content Production to reduce Digital Divide.

Jaime Muñoz Arteaga, José E. Guzmán Mendoza, César Velázquez Amador.




Grupo de Investigación GITICE, Universidad de Huelva. Campus de "La Merced". Plaza de la Merced, 11. CP: 21071 Huelva (Spain)

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