Volume 1, Number 2. Revista de Pensamiento Estratégico y Seguridad CISDE




Academic Journal


Revista de Pensamiento Estratégico y Seguridad CISDE is a scientific biannual publication of multidisciplinary research with respect to strategic thinking and security, in order to collect studies and experiences of researchers in their personal capacity in this field. This discipline haven't got many academic journals.


The areas of interest in this journal are the following topics, without being limiting:


  • Military Academies and Security
  • Cyberdefence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Counterinsurgency
  • Communication Specialized Security and Defence
  • Secure Communications
  • Organized crime
  • Criminalistics
  • Military Doctrine
  • Doctrine of Security Forces
  • Diplomacy
  • Public Diplomacy
  • Strategic Studies
  • Training
  • Geostrategy
  • Geopolitics
  • History of International Relations
  • Military History
  • Military Industry
  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Leadership
  • New Security Technologies
  • International organizations
  • Military Organization
  • Organization of Security Forces
  • Joint Operations
  • Combined Operations
  • Perfilistica
  • Defence Policy
  • International policy
  • Security policy
  • Prospective
  • International relations
  • Military Health
  • Security
  • Security and Defence
  • International Security
  • Tactical
  • Terrorism




  • Manuscripts:


It is the authors’ responsibility to ensure their submissions are original and have not been published previously or are in the process of being published elsewhere. Moreover, they have to deal with a current and relevant topic.


Manuscripts must be submitted in Arial type, font size 11, single spacing, fully justified and with no tabulations or carriage returns between paragraphs. Only the major blocks of text should be separated by carriage returns (author, titles, abstracts, keywords, credits and sections). The page set-up should have 2 cm margins (lateral and vertical). Submissions must be in .doc, .docx or .odt.


The length of the text must be 3000/10000 words.


It is important that manuscripts do not contain any information that could disclose the authorship.


  • Publication Guidelines:


Three files will be submitted together through the section AUTOHR’S SENDING. The mentioned files are: author’s statement, abstract and manuscript.


Models and standards of the 3 files to submit, can look into the the following link (in the option, Publication - Publication Guidelines):





  • Sending:


Three files must be sent exclusively through the Open Journal Systems – OJS. (in the option, Publication - Manuscripts Sending)









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