Manuscripts self-review

In order to facilitate the evaluation process and speed up the favourable publication report, it is recommended a final self-review of the manuscript, checking the following issues:



  • Include the title of the manuscript in Spanish (80 characters max.).
  • Include the title of the manuscript in English (80 characters max.). Both English and Spanish versions of the title must be concise but informative and contain as many significant terms as possible.
  • Abstract in Spanish: 100-150 words.
  • Abstract in English 100-150 words.
  • Both abstracts, Spanish and English, will provide the following issues: justification of the subject, goals, methodology, results and conclusions.
  • Include 5 keywords (in Spanish and English), (only single words, not phrases or combinations of words) of the most significant ones in the text using standard keywords. We recommend consulting the UNESCO Thesaurus.
  • English texts (including title, abstract and keywords) will be written or verified by an official translator or a skilled person in this language. Automatic translation programmes are not allowed.
  • Include all the information identifying the authors in the order prescribed in the guideline: identification data and address, professional affiliations and institutional email.
  • Specify the academic qualification of doctor, if so (accreditation may be requested).



  • Include the title of the manuscript, abstract and keywords in Spanish and English as well. Respect the maximum length allowed: 5000/10000 words (including references).
  • Specify and cite in the manuscript the sources and materials used correctly. For research papers, the methodology must be concise and explained clearly, allowing replication, if necessary, by other experts.
  • Conclusions are based on the results.
  • Citations in the text strictly conform to APA standards, as it is gathered in the instructions.
  • In case of using endnotes, these cannot be integrated into the overall citation system since they are simply descriptive. Footnotes are not allowed.
  • Final references are strictly reviewed and only the ones that have been mentioned in the text will be included. They conform, in style and form, to the international standards of «Company Games & Business Simulation Academic Journal».
  • Figures and tables must provide significant clarifications avoiding redundancy and reiteration. Graphics quality will be examined.
  • If so, financial support must be declared.


Formal aspects

  • Use font size 11, single spacing with no tabulations.
  • Use only carriage returns if necessary.
  • Avoid double spacing.



  • Attach the three annexes: author’s statement, abstract and manuscript.

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