CV-UNIVERSITY - Juan Carlos Infante Moro

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PhD in Tourism Management at University of Huelva, specialized in Information Systems and Technologies. Degree in Business Administration, Master in Business Administration and Master in Tourism Management. His main lines of research are:

- ICT-Business

- ICT-Tourism

- ICT-Education

Member of Research Group 'GITICE' of the University of Huelva and researcher-collaborator of Research Group 'Eduinnovagogía' of the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville; Co-founder of the publishing of scientific journals 'United Academic Journals (UA Journals)'; Organizing member of the 'International Conferences on Virtual Campus' and the 'International Conference on Software Engineering for Big Companies'; and member of the editorial and scientific committee of scientific journals: 'International Journal of Information Systems and Software Engineering for Big Companies (IJISEBC)', 'International Journal of Information Systems and Tourism (IJIST)', 'Campus Virtuales' and 'Certiuni Journal'.


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