Red Universitaria de Campus Virtuales (RUCV)

Academic non-profit association. National Register Number: 599179



Red Universitaria de Campus Virtuales (University Network of Virtual Campus) ( is an Academic non-profit association made up of university teachers and researchers who are interested in promoting the development of e-learning in educational institutions.

RUCV aims to disseminate scientific and academic studies related to areas of interest in Virtual Campus. To do this, it edits the journal 'Campus Viruales' and the Proceedings of the Conference held annually. For more information, to see:

'Campus Virtuales' (ISSN: 2255-1514) -

'Jornadas Internacionales de Campus Virtuales' - YEAR 2016 -

'Jornadas Internacionales de Campus Virtuales' -

'Jornadas Internacionales de Campus Virtuales' (International Conferences on Virtual Campus) unite the different Spanish and international Virtual Campus in order to create synergies, institutional cooperation ties and new opportunities with all the stakeholders involved in these workspaces.

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