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Manuscript review process

When an expert is invited to join the Review Board, an account is opened in his / her name on the OJS platform to receive invitations to review articles. In this case, the reviewer will receive an e‐mail inviting the reviewer to examine an article. This request must be accepted or declined via the platform within 10 days of receiving the e‐mail.

To notify the journal of a decision to accept or reject such a request, the reviewer enters the platform using the user name and password given when the account is opened (if the reviewer has forgotten his / her user name or password, a new one can be requested automatically if the user is recognized by the platform) and, when the platform confirms reviewer status, the reviewer can access the list of «Active Submissions».

When clicking on the designated article, a page containing information on the submission to be reviewed will appear: title, authors, summary, status of the review (dates), the following steps to take to proceed with the review and the journal’s rules on reviewing.

a) The reviewer selects the option to accept or reject the review request.
b) If the reviewer agrees to review the manuscript, he / she must agree to submit a report.
c) After sending the e‐mail accepting the offer to review the manuscript, the reviewer downloads the article and saves it on his / her computer.
d) After completing the review of the article, the reviewer must fill in the Review Form.
e) To upload the Review Form, the reviewer must click on «Examine» to search for the document among the files on his / her computer and then click on «Upload».

There will appear on the reviewer’s computer screen a command to enable him / her to send an e‐mail to the editor informing that the review has been completed. This is done by clicking on «Send Review to Editor». It is essential for the editor to know that the review has been completed.

This e‐mail completes the task of reviewing the article. The review will be assessed by the Subject Editors and other editors, who will decide whether to proceed to publication based on the review and the criteria of editors and experts. One possible outcome is to initiate a new round of reviews (the second round) in which the editors might call on the services of the same reviewer, who would then follow the same steps for reviewing the article as previously mentioned.



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