IX International Conference on


Popayán (Colombia), 11-13 September 2019 


Today, higher education institutions develop their teaching supported in Virtual Campus. While there has been great progress in incorporating technology in university teaching, there are still challenges ahead. Teachers models of universities traditionally face walk to mixed modes (blended learning), this requires considerable insight and institutional support for its strong strategic and organizational. In addition, the internationalization of education opens up new challenges and paths to networking, virtual mobility, shared work space, virtual remote laboratories, among other educational possibilities.

Moreover, e-learning systems have experienced steady growth, where the web architectures are increasingly complex and must be integrated into corporate management systems and consider other aspects of the integration of devices and mobile technology, cloud computing, simulators, etc.

These ninth conferences are the continuation of the held in Tenerife'18, Guadalajara'16, Barcelona'15, Ciudad de Panamá'14, Palma de Mallorca´12, Oviedo´11, Granada'10 and Tenerife'09. From 2014, one year is celebrated in Spain and another year in Latin America, to facilitate assistance to colleagues on both continents.

The IX International Days of Virtual Campus (JICV'19) are organized in conjunction with Rehab, organized by the University of the Cauca.




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