The University of Salamanca, founded in 1218 and one of the oldest universities in Europe, is today a modern European university, open to the culture of practically all branches of education.

Currently, the University of Salamanca offers first and second cycle degrees to almost 28,000 students, in addition to nearly 3,000 PhD and Master students. With more than 3,000 researchers, who make up 70 departments, 26 Faculties and Schools, 18 institutes and other research units belonging to the social, biomedical, human, experimental and formal sciences, it stands out as one of the main public research organizations in Spain. The quality of its human resources, the size of its facilities and the range of updated instruments and equipment contribute to guaranteeing the quality of a vast scientific and technological organization at the service of society.

The Interaction and e-Learning Research Group (GRIAL) is a Recognized Research Group of the University of Salamanca and selected as a Consolidated Research Unit (UIC081) by the Junta de Castilla y León. The group is made up of a large number of researchers from different areas of knowledge. Most of the members have a technical or pedagogical profile, but there are also members with experience in managing e-Learning projects, Humanities, Sciences, etc.

GRIAL is also part of the University Institute of Educational Sciences (IUCE), which has experience in teacher training and didactic research, which has been its main objective for more than 30 years. Throughout IUCE's activities, GRIAL develops numerous training actions and studies related to didactic and methodological innovations, as well as ICT and media literacy. Since 2013, both GRIAL and IUCE have led the doctoral program in Education and the Knowledge Society.



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